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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:50 pm 
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Joined: Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:24 am
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Location: South shore Montreal
Got this one a couple of weeks ago and having a blast since then!! This is my first revolver ever, so I can’t compare with anything else but my other pistols.
This is an almost all plastic revolver but with a metal trigger and hammer. And what a trigger!!! More on that later. This gun is SA and DA. Other reviews will tell you that the Brodax or the Crosman Vigilante have a more convincing ratchet sound when pulling the hammer in single action, but I found it very satisfying if not convincing…
IMG_1351.JPG [ 463.7 KiB | Viewed 898 times ]

The Umarex Colt Python is a replica of the 6 inch real steel revolver, but on this BB gun the barrel is only 5.25 inches long and stops 2 inches short of the muzzle. If you look at the gun’s profile the barrel stops (or start??) flush with the letter P of Python engraved on the barrel exterior.
IMG_1350.JPG [ 176.79 KiB | Viewed 898 times ]

The rear sight is fully adjustable and is the main reason why I chose the Colt over the Brodax or the Vigilante. Elevation is adjusted using a flathead screwdriver but windage by a 1.5mm Allen key (not included). The top of my front post was not level and I had to file it just a bit, so it would come flush with both side of the rear sight notch. I can only guess that this could be a common issue with this model possibly resulting from a slight default in the molding dies.
Another feature I really like on this gun is the built-in Allen key in the removable grip panel. This Allen key is used to tighten the co2 cartridge in the grip. No running around to find an Allen key or screwdriver…

Included in the plastic packaging are three ten shots plastic rotary BB clips. This is a nice feature not to have to buy additional clips. These rotary clips are the same ones used for the Brodax. I only had Crosman Copperheads and Umarex BBs on hand. The Umarex BBs needed a gentle push to be seated in the clips and they held firmly in place. While the Copperheads showed horrible quality control issues…With every single clip loaded with Copperheads when the clips were turned upside down 2 or 3 BB fell off right away. A small tap on the clip would see 2 to 4 more BBs fly off. The problem I’ve noticed with this is if the BBs are loose in the clip they will roll down the barrel when indexed and you will shoot blank…So make sure the BBs you use are a tight fit!

BTW I have read elsewhere that if you leave BBs in the rotary clips for long periods cracks will appear between the holes. I will not try it to report first hand if this is true. I will take their words on this one.

I measured the gun’s sound level (dBA scale) indoors at one meter from muzzle and got an average of 76.5 dB. So, this gun is medium loud, it is not a gun for shooting indoors if you have unfriendly neighbors. Comparing it to a gun most of us are familiar with, a Daisy 953 average out at 69.8 dB. So, the Colt is more than 4 times louder than a quiet 953!

Shot count is a respectable 80 shots on a single 12g co2 cartridge when slow firing aiming for accuracy. I still got around 70 shots when practicing IPSC shooting drills shooting strings of 5 rapid shots repetitions.

It weights just shy of 1.5 lbs (580g) loaded and ready to go. Obviously, the gun is barrel light and most of its weight feels right in the hand. But being this light, drawing from the holster and transitioning to the target is fast!

And now the trigger…It is amazing!!! I absolutely love the trigger! In double action it is smooth as silk, no creep just a slight pressure buildup right before the break. You can shoot as fast as you can all day without your finger getting tired. In DA on my kitchen scale the trigger pull is around 7.5lbs. In single action it’s even better! The hammer has good serrations and my thumb has a positive grab every time. Once cocked in SA the trigger pull is 3.12lbs and the trigger only travels about 3/16in (5mm) before a clean break. I couldn’t believe a trigger this good on such a cheap gun.

The gun has a manual safety in the form a small rocking lever at the base of the hammer. Push it forward to engage and pull back to fire. I found it very natural to use. Kind of like pulling twice on the hammer, once at the base of the hammer (to disengage the safety) and again the hammer itself.

Ok but how does it shoot? Quite good actually!

I don’t like using Copperheads but in the name of science I wanted to do a comparison with the Umarex BBs. Accuracy testing was done in single action, semi rested position at 32 feet (10 meters) shooting inside, six o-clock hold. All strings are ten shots. As you can see on the 10m pistol target the Copperheads had a spread of 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches for the Umarex. 2 inches if you take out the one flyer on the left. The 1/3 scale IPSC Metric target shows 9 shots out of ten in the one inch square at 20 feet. I think the Colt accuracy is pretty impressive for such a low cost BB gun….
3 cibles.jpg
3 cibles.jpg [ 329.45 KiB | Viewed 898 times ]

Finally, just for kicks I aimed (free standing, two hands hold, Weaver stance) at an 8in diameter metal plate permanently hanging from a tree in my backyard. Not an accuracy test by no means but every hit is rewarded by a “ding”. At a distance of 20 paces (yes paces…) form the plate with a twelve-o clock hold to compensate I manage 8 hits out of 10 shots. At 25 paces I still got 6 “dings” out of 10. Not bad I think! Normally with a gun this light longer range accuracy should suffer because the gun has no mass and the slightest jerk or movement will throw the POA out of alignment. But with the Python the trigger is light enough that it’s easy to keep POA on target.

Yes, it might be light but it’s accurate and has an good trigger. And I much rather shoot 3 times 10 shots in about the same time a “better” replica would take to reload a “real” cartridge BB six shooter revolver...

This one is a keeper in my collection!

«It's not enough that we do our best, sometimes we have to do what's required»
- Winston Churchill

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Umarex HPP
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Smith & Wesson M&P 40
Colt Python .357 (polymer)
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KWC 226-S5

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:11 pm 
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Joined: Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:21 am
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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Great review Yeager!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The shooting out to 20 feet and 33 feet with this revolver is quite impressive; especially since it's a BB shooter. Just a side note to your review, the rear sight on the Crosman Vigilante is also adjustable(elevation & windage). As u stated, it looks like a keeper. Happy Shooting!!



PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:39 am 

Joined: Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:45 pm
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Location: Toronto
The Colt appears to be a good buy at its price point but, unlike the Brodax, a small laser sight can't be installed which is a must for me.

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