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Was out Shooting my Air Force Condor .25
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Author:  Daryl [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Was out Shooting my Air Force Condor .25

After preliminary testing with 3 shots at 25 yards, I moved back to 55yards(50meters)

After the first 3 shots at 25 yards running .077" (.328" - .251" for bullet diameter), I was a bit distressed to see the huge groups at 50 meters. This target was shot with the 51gr. FN BT's, with power setting on 4. I did not set up my chronograph.

The H&N Barracuda RN(kinda pointy) put 5 shots, spread horizontally due to wind I suspect (no flags out) as it was noticeable when I went out to bring in the targets.

The first 3 H&N's went into .503" but the last two shots spread the group out to .813 on centres. 1st three in .503" - .251" = .252" on centres - THAT is more like it. More testing needed.

Subsequent groups ran from .486" to 1.248" with the 51gr. FNBT's from my 4 cavity mould, moly coated using MS Moly spray. The mould is of Bob's Designs. More testing must be done at different power settings. The non-moly coated 51's opened up even more, with all groups over 1". I pitched that target as I'll only shoot coated bullet now. The bore did pickup a smidgen of leading from the non-coated bullets.

I need to coat all the bullets now and re-test since I picked up another Nitrogen tank.

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