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Samyang big bore for hog hunting
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Author:  TKDHKDKD [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Samyang big bore for hog hunting

Hi Fellow airguners
Is anybody has experience to use Samyang Recluse, Light Hunter for hog hunting?
When I am watching Youtube, it looks like everything is possible with these guns. But when I survey the reviews from Pyramid Air, it is not. Hog is very wild and tuff animal to kill, sometimes dangerous, if you miss the shot. I hope to hear from you about your experiences.

Author:  Daryl [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samyang big bore for hog hunting

A SamYang in .45, using either round ball or short slug- like a 220gr. RN, would do out to about 50-yards with PERFECT shot placement- on smallish pigs I would say, to about 150pounds.

An Air Force .45 Texan would be slightly better.

The new Umarex .50 would be even better, by the sounds of it,

due to being able to push a 330gr. at 935fps approx. for 641FPE. This is as powerful as a

decent handload in a modern .45 Colt revolver - but - that's it. It is not as quite powerful as a

factory .44 magnum 4" revolver, but it will potentially penetrate more deeply than the handgun round.

Now, if you loaded the SxS shotgun with a patched round ball, or .001" to .002" lager than bore size round ball, you might have even better results.

They are claiming 1,100fps with shot. A round ball should make that as well, but being smooth, the accuracy range

might only be 30 or 45yards. 2 shots!

Author:  TKDHKDKD [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samyang big bore for hog hunting

I appreciate you for this information.
Any way, you think that there might be a limite for using big bore air rifle for hog hunting comparing with centre firearms. Could you give me an idea : I have hobby farm around 15 acres and sometimes hog makes problems. In this case, what is you suggestion for?

Author:  Daryl [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samyang big bore for hog hunting

Much depends on where you live and what the 'local' laws are like, people living close by, etc.

12 gauge with accurate shooting slugs is what I would use for problem animals on my farm, or perhaps

one of my muzzleloaders, .62 flintlock smoothbore with ball or maybe the .69 cal. Sporting rifle.

If I could not get within 100yards of the animal, I'd shoot it with any one of a number of different CF rifles I have,

from my .224 cal. rat rifles, to the elephant rifles - whichever turns my fancy on any given day.

Even my long range coyote rifle in .22-250 makes 1,764fpe. Compare that with a PCP at 500fpe.

My 'little' .50 cal flinter long rifle (48" bl.) is much more powerful than any air rifle on the market, running a round ball over 1,800fps &


The 20 bore flintlock, runs about 1,400fpe and the .69, a full 2,570fpe.

While a .50 cal. PCP might run a round ball of that size out at 1,000fps or 1,100fps for around 500fpe, so would have

the same power as a .50 cal. pistol of the year 1810-1840.

No - there is no comparison between CF and an air rifle, even with these types of powder burning rifles and smoothbores from the early 1800's

to the 1850's. That was long before there was anything close to as powerful, in a centrefire rifle, which didn't happen until the 1870's.

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