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.35 cal NOE Pellet - Mag. Length?
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Author:  rsterne [ Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  .35 cal NOE Pellet - Mag. Length?

Al & I have discussed doing a mould for a .357 pellet.... but before we finalize a design we would want to get all the magazine dimensions to make sure it will fit as many mags. as possible.... Most guys seem to want something heavier than the JSBs.... The two designs I have looked at are one that is 0.470" long (fits a 12mm long mag.) that weighs 84-95 gr. depending on the base pin chosen.... and the other one is 0.536" long and would weigh 97-110 gr. (scaled up from the .30 cal pellet).... I assume the former would suit more guns?.... It looks like this....


Please post the longest pellet your .35 cal magazine can accept in this thread, as Al said he has some shop time and would like to get on with making a pellet mould for the .35 cal PCPs....


How about if I add magazine lengths here at the bottom of this post?

RAW = 0.466" Max.

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