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Night vision attachment for scope, any thoughts b4 I buy?
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Author:  Chevota [ Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Night vision attachment for scope, any thoughts b4 I buy?

I don't want to drop the big $ on an actual NV scope (drool), but I've seen some cheapies on ebay that attach to an existing scope.
I'll attach it to a cheapie 4x32 sacrificial scope that i don't care if I ruin in the effort. The ones I saw on ebay for cheap were both ugly and unlikely to stay put on a springer. Specifically the camera to scope adapter was horrible looking. I'll still use it if the quality of the image is good enough and poi stays put, but I have no idea what to expect.
Mainly I want it to shoot rats at night, usually very close range but up to 100'. I have very good luck using my Nikon scope which is much better than the naked eye, but it isn't magic. So some IR boost NV camera to see those bastards no matter what. I have a cheap $100US hand held night vision monocular I bought some 15yrs ago, and while the image sux it is good enough (barely) for what I want. I have thought about mounting it on a scope but considering the effort involved and being unlikely to work to my satisfaction, I'm unwilling to try. I envision Tony Robbins frowning at me.
Whatever camera doesn't even need to be made for this purpose, it could be a tiny NV camera as long as it can be viewed live via my phone. I have no problem cutting or removing the eye piece or lens to get it to work. I think it would be super awesome if the cam fit inside the eye piece w/ just a wire hanging out for my phone... I know lens/focus wise that's a problem, but I'd like it if possible. Like maybe it might work if the cams lens were also removed? Or another lens added? I dunno, just thinking, and where there's a will there's way (Tony's frown turns upside down).
So before I start wasting $ on ebay I figured I'd fish for someone who's been there done that.

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