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Pistol scopes... recommendations?
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Author:  YepYep [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

bigHUN wrote:
Get a polarizing lens.

That's a great info! Never tried the combination of a polarizing glasses and the red dot!!

I have a Oakley polarized light brown color which the original purpose is for clay shooting but I use it on driving which should be a good fit for using with dot sights as safety glasses ~

But now I need to dig out a workable dot sight from my drawers.....

Author:  jckstrthmghty [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

Daryl wrote:
I run dot sights on my Artemis handguns. Both work fine for shooting to 20yards. Further shooting would not be a problem with them.
Both are 3 moa dot sights. My glasses correct the visual I get with the dot. Without glasses the dot is a slightly widened \. With glasses,
the illumination is round.

Nice setup and great result @ 20 yards. Our indoor is basically a dungeon and we have to walk up to change targets.

I prefer a good set of crisp sights @ 10 meters but I've been interested in a sightron s30 for bullseye.

Author:  leadslinger [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

bigHUN wrote:
I got first a magnifier and only then I started searching for red dot to pair. Don't ask me why I got it reversed, it is a complicated story.
Anyway, I was playing with four brand/models new out of box, and every each was showing the artifact, the same as people with astigmatism referring to.
Only difference I could make a picture of the shape with my cellphone also with my DSLR camera, also when I was rotating the scope + magnifier combo on the rail the image was its not my eyes beside a fact me 60 yo.

So finally (usually I don't bother her with my new toys :) ) I decided to tell this story to my wife...she know everything ;)
But don't laugh! She is working for an optics manufacturing in ITAR, she is an ME for "those" lenses.
She is telling me this is a flaw in material and processes which brand what type of coating using in their optics.
Now, what I did I combined two optics, the red dot + a magnifier, the x6 power magnified the flaws from both units/glasses...

How can you help yourself, even you have astigmatism? Get a polarizing lens, something like the camera polarizing lenses (and btw years ago I did an extensive study on those as well, do not expect a better quality from a higher priced lens, that is false and bs marketing).

With my eyes, I just grabbed my fishing sunglasses, those have some sort of polarizing as well, but not meant to do anything better then fishing. It helped my eyes filter out the artifact.
So you can go first a shopping mall to those sunglasses booths and try out several combinations with your red dot. Or find in optics stores (like Henrys or similar) and ask them for a filter size you can screw in into your unit, would that be 30 or 32 mm or whatever. Or if you can get to a collector or used camera stores, ask them for filters from old camcorders, those had about a same size filters and threads...

Or you get yourself a prism scope, that is also some sort of "red dot" as well but different technology, also less friendly with parallax.
This what I am after now for my new PP750, my Sig red dot is just way to bulky for a pistol.

Well purpose of magnifiers wasn't really for precision. It was just a method of repurposing a optic and making it more versatile. Like 4x is great for open field, suck for CQB.. Where a 1x RDS is perfect for CQB, but lacking on open field. It was a solution to have best of both worlds. Ability to shoot CQB and then flip for longer shots. Regular soldiers, don't worry about parallax, because they're not snipers.

Author:  TCooper [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

Thanks for the tip on the Polaroid lenses. I might have a set of those yellow polarized shooting lens around here.

I find 3moa red dots are fine on air pistols for shooting out to 50 yards. Trajectory gets pretty loopy after that. My favourite target is pop cans or metal can lids at 30 yards.

Author:  bigHUN [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

Again...there could be a huge difference between a polarizing sunglass and a polarizing sunglass.
Don't pick a brand, try them to your eyes as many you can find. What coating is working well with my eyes doesn't mean it is a best to your eyes.
There is a good chance to find a best pair = coating (on sunglasses) to a coating (on red dot lens).

I cannot translate this to sunglasses, but a good quality camera lens filter is dark, like blakish dark but you can still see through. For this same reason for a good photography you need a lot lot lights when using these filters.

Author:  Edmonton<500 [ Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pistol scopes... recommendations?

leadslinger wrote:
YepYep wrote:
Red dot is not a good choice for ppl that needs scope as their eyes not being as good as before... I used dot sight before, but gave it up due to the size of the dots too big and cover the target, and the dot looks like a star in my eye not a good round dot, then it's not making the target bigger as it's 1x power...

Your experience may vary, but I'll disagree with that they're poor choice for people with bad eyes. Actually In Oct I took 3rd place in PPC Marksman Div, where the previous year I did as well. But I did notice that I had higher scores, esp at the longer stage. So dot's do help.

Actually the sport I shoot. Many older shooters are going with reddots because they cannot see iron sights anymore. Where a red dot is litterly just a dot. Which you can shoot both eyes open and just have to superimpose the dot on the target.. Not much focusing needed. And the quality and the MOA of the dot makes a difference. Smaller the MOA, smaller the dot. Aliexpress and Chinese dots don't have the best track record for being quality. I got 2 in a pile that are un usable because a 3MOA dot is like 10, with soo much glare.

Also I run alot of my dots on the lowest setting, which helps with the comma, or star burst. That some people experience with a Astigmatism, and I don't have too much issues.

And I shoot from 3M to 100 M with reddots. I run a 3MOA Vortex Venom dot ( 3" at 100, 1.5" at 50M ) where there people that run 6 or 8 moa, because they shoot IPSC and the targets are bigger, so bigger the dot, the faster to acquire.

Personally I dislike pistol scopes. They're only good when they are shot benched. Because I never can find one with the proper eye relief for how I shoot. So to prevent the dark ring around the reticle. I always have to bring the gun in more, so my arms are not always fully extended, and not as stable and muscle memory doesn't like that.

Gotta say X2 to ^^^

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