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Diana 34 100th Anniversary Edition
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Author:  peterdulux [ Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Diana 34 100th Anniversary Edition

Bought it from Jayzdaman in .177 cal. I do alot of gopher hunting and find .177 a little iffy on something as tough as a baseball glove.
Was looking for a .22 replacement barrel. Called around Canada and SSSO was able to bring one in for 145.00. Thought I'd keep looking. Mike Mellick from Flying Dragon carries X25 Xisco Bam clones of this gun and was going to get a clone barrel from him.

Then I decided to see if my Diana 24 .22 barrel was the same breech block as the 34. Surprise, it is.

So, tap out a few rivets, change cocking links (different lengths) fire a test shot, bam, almost done.

Pulling the cocking arm off the 24, when I pulled the pin from the linkage, two e-clips and a washer came out. Did not happen on the 34. What gives?

Tried to put the e-clips back on the pin. It is narrowed at the center, thought thats where the clips go. Too loose. Maybe on the thicker portion, too tight. Came to the conclusion that with two clips and a washer, it must have been a tight fit and pressure was holding everything together. If you have ever had the linkage apart, you would soon see how tight and difficult getting this back together would be.

Went to princess auto to look for a solution......O-rings. Picked up a multi pack and found a size that was tight enough to hold on to the narrowed part of the pin. It was tight getting it into the cocking arm slot but a little silicone grease and pop.

Pressed the pin in and it worked. Pin is in with very little movement.

Author:  bonker [ Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Diana 34 100th Anniversary Edition

I had the same problem with the pin, a dab of blue loctite solves the problem easy to remove with a little heat from my heat gun.

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