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Help needed fixing this 3-9x40 scope
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Author:  Joolz [ Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help needed fixing this 3-9x40 scope

I took another shot at it last night and found the problem: initially I was turning the locking ring, not the actual objective lens. Explains why I didn't notice a lot of diff when I first tried it out. So last night I turned it counterclockwise which brings the lens towards the front (same as I had done with the 953, just to confirm for Lleader) and I pushed it as far as I could go. Worked!

Although if one is to nit pick, I had the crosman 1077 (old hunters scope mounted) right beside the 953 with its stock scope, which is now dead on, parallaxwise. With the 1077, as I move my head there's a minimal 3mm or so movement, while looking at a dime from 6m away. The 953 gets me only about 1mm. This is on the actual target. Wish I could get another turn out of it but hey, it has more than satisfied my wishes. And for 5 bux...

However I now have another problem: it's shooting about 2cm too low and I have run out of turns on the elevation adjustment. Guess I need to shim the rear of the scope huh?

Crap, I had totally forgotten that I'd have to adjust the parallax again for outdoor shooting, something we're now itching to do in order put that 953 with its 9x magnification to good use. But messing around with the parallax at different ranges isn't something I'm looking forward to. And this just as we get word that we're keeping the other 953, which I now want to get a scope for. Well, this means I need to locate one that has AO. I tried one at a local airsoft store and was very pleased with the AO at very short range and the ease of use. So yeah, now I'm in the market for a chrony and a multi zoom scope with AO. Does it ever end?

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