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Help to disassemble a Alfa Proj PCP pistol
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Author:  R-Gun Pete [ Fri May 22, 2015 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Help to disassemble a Alfa Proj PCP pistol

I bought my Air Arms Alfa Proj PCP pistol in March 2011 and it has worked well until last week.

When I took it out from the cabinet to shoot it, I discovered that there was no pressure.

I tried to pump some air in it and since I was starting from scratch the pistol was cocked.

As the pressure was building I could hear that it started to leak from the valve. With some air in the reservoir I dry fired it a couple of times hoping that if some dirt was on the valve seat it would be blown off.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. Even worse, when I looked in the manual for some hints I discovered that the pistol should not be dry fired.

Anyway, it is already too late.

I searched the Internet for the dis-assembly procedure but could not find any information. I have the part diagram but this doesn't show the take down sequence.

I have some tools and spare o-rings that came with it and if somebody already went through the steps of replacing them the information would be appreciated.


R-Gun Pete

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