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CO2 tank options for Crosman 1077
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Author:  Joolz [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  CO2 tank options for Crosman 1077

Not wanting to hijack another thread figured I started this. Hope someone can share their experiences adding a bottle other than a 88g to this rifle. As seen in the pic I have the 88g tank adaptor. Would like to know if a 12oz (340g) bottle would fit. There are several advantages of using this common paintball bottle:
- far higher shot count. 88g cartridge would yield some 28 magazines. A 12oz bottle 112 magazines.
- open/close valve = ability to remove bottle when not in use without the risk of CO2 escaping through the seal.
- only costs twice the price of the 88g cartridge and holds 4x the amount of CO2
- refillable.

As seen in the pic, there isn't much room to work with. From the centre of the threads where the bottle connects to, to the stock there is only a 23mm space. Which diminishes to about 20mm where the bottom of the bottle would sit, towards the trigger. Having zero experience with paintball wonder if the 12oz bottle would fit? If not, are there alternatives to using the 88g?

1070-max-space-for-bottle.jpg [ 56.37 KiB | Viewed 622 times ]

Author:  Joolz [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CO2 tank options for Crosman 1070

lleader wrote:
Joolz - I had a 1077 a couple of years ago; It might have been my first rifle. I just couldn't get to like the trigger on it and you're right about it being a pain to keep feeding it carts. At the time I tried to get an Airsource adapter but was unsuccessful, so I sold the gun. Back then I was such a rookie I didn't know you could keep whole collections of guns - I haven't sold a gun since. :lol:

I have no experience with refillable CO2 bottles. I assume from your post that you have the Airsource adapter - but I guess you are either going to have to try one to see if it fits, or do some careful measuring of diameters and compare. By the way, I believe the Airsource adapter allows you to shut off the 88g cart and remove the whole adapter from the gun without losing all the CO2.

Bad, BAD, BAD move on your part. But hey, we all made mistakes as rookies. Contrary to your gigantic error, mine was NOT to grab a few more guns back when the opportunity presented itself.
I for one favour fun over fancy. And if I may rub salt on that wound, a rifle simply does not get much more fun than the 1077. Was our second rifle and to this day by far the wife's fave and one I always run to whenever I need a good dose of fun. Surprised how there aren't more semi-autos models. Not only the convenience is there (no cocking, no pumping, no hauling scuba tanks around, no loading a pellet after every shot) but the thing is accurate at the distances we shoot at and beyond. What more can one ask for? Oh and add the lightweight and decent open sights and you have a winner. And you let go of yours... Well, there's only one way to rectify that enormous lapse in judgement. Thankfully for you, these are cheap. Happy hunting.

As for the trigger I sure hope you realize by now that it has a very predictable shot, in case it's been long since you last shot one. Once you pull the trigger to move the magazine one indent, the break point is always the same and not all that heavy. That is, for target shooting. If you plan to fire all 12 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger I can see why it'd feel heavy. All of my pistols have heavier triggers, other than the 357 that's slightly lighter. Still though if there's a mod to lighten the breaking point even more, I want to explore that down the road.
Oh and to throw in some Tabasco on that wound to really make it hurt, be informed that we just added a SECOND 1077 to the herd. I may be a rookie still but if there's one gun that I know the value of it's the 1077. So there, hope all that pain prompts you to remedy things before gangrene sets in 8)

Author:  jckstrthmghty [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CO2 tank options for Crosman 1070

You do mean the 1077? network 54 has it's own crosman 1077 forum with a lot of info for bulk fill. The two other option is hipac and hpa sports which neither have a current 1077 options. I hope that changes in the near future.

Too bad the 1077 is double action only. Would've been great to have the single action option by manually cocking the hammer and advancing the mag one shot. Might have to try and convert a vigilante into a rifle to have that convenience on the cheap.

Author:  Joolz [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CO2 tank options for Crosman 1077

Oops, glad you brought that up in time for me to edit and fix the model number. Egg on my face, here's raving about it and got the model wrong :oops:
Thanks for the tip on that forum, will check it out.

Edit: looked but couldn't locate any pertinent info. Maybe you could post a link? Their search engine seems pretty crude.

Author:  lleader [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CO2 tank options for Crosman 1077

Well Joolz, I think you are S.O.L. According to your measurement of 23mm, that's less than a inch (25.4mm) so your bottle would have to be less than 2 inches in dia. I did some Googling and a 12oz tank is 2.5 inches and a 9oz tank is about 2 1/16. Apparently there were some old 9oz that were 2.002 dia. but that's still too big.

I have heard of putting a fill nipple on an empty 88g cart allowing it to be refilled. I suppose you could then buy a however large a CO2 bottle and with the correct fittings use it to fill the 88g. A couple of years ago when I was working on my CX4 I was in contact with R&R Airgun Repair - the guy there (Rick?) asked if I was interested in a refillable solution - I wasn't so I didn't get more info.

Ah, just buy a Walther 2x12g adapter (if you can find one). It has a built in valve that lets it be removed. But is there something the matter with your Airsource adapter that it won't shut off the cylinder?

Author:  Joolz [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CO2 tank options for Crosman 1077

Thanks for those numbers. Looked at the stock, not a chance of shaving it down. Thing is made of very hard plastic or whatever material it is, plus it'd be a permanent mauling to an otherwise good looking stock.

Suppose a refillable 88g solution to be the best bet. There's a couple of LPG/other gases shops in town that has a good assortment of fittings. Guess I could pay them a visit, once I get me a 88g cartridge that I could bring for a quick fitting test.

Still haven't tried the adaptor as I didn't want to buy the Can Tire 90g double cartridges. Trying to locate somewhere in town where I can buy a single one, in case the adaptor is faulty or doesn't seal properly. This isn't a new adapter although it looks good and all seems to work (including the open/close valve at the base).

Main reason for wanting to stay away from the 12g cartridges is the hassle of emptying the remaining CO2 once the last good shot has been fired. This means pulling the trigger so many times, it gets tiresome. As you pointed out, it's a heavy trigger due to the double action. At 50 cents/cartridge it's cheap enough to feed, just a hassle dealing with replacing the small carts after only 4 clips. On the other hand paying just over $11 for a 88g cart isn't really economical, which is why I'm here hoping to find an alternative to further enriching Can Tire.

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