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Hw 100 mods need help
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Author:  krawdad [ Tue Sep 14, 2021 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hw 100 mods need help

Hobbyman2007 wrote:
Back to the original question , the HW100 has a very small amount of regulated air ( plenum space) so it will be difficult to get big power from it. I’m in North eastern Ontario. And would be glad to help with a regulator install if you’re interested but I don’t think the results would be as high as expected . Here’s what I would suggest. Get yourself a regulator gauge that threads into the action. Failrly inexpensive from . Turn your existing regulator up to 150 bar and see if that works for you . If it does add the second regulator so that you could run at a higher fill pressure.
If you still want the work done , send me a PM . I have the gauge and have tuned a few of these rifles. I have two in my cabinet , one in each caliber.

Just an FYI..... I am considering an HW100 and tried going to, but it says the site can't be reached.

I wonder if you meant ? At any rate, thanks for giving me the idea to Google search for "HW 100 tuning". :D



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