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Weihrauch HW30S All Weather .22, No Sights
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Author:  cfraser [ Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Weihrauch HW30S All Weather .22, No Sights

Thought I'd make a few comments on this variation of the venerable HW30S. It only comes in non-PAL tune for .22 .

The AW version has a matte nickel plated barrel/receiver, and a matte black painted wood stock. Finish is excellent, extremely well done and very slick looking (even to me who doesn't typically go for shiny stuff). Stock paint seems to be poly or epoxy and is blended into the black plastic butt plate. Stock is the standard length that exposes more of the plated action up front (you're paying for that, might as well see more of it!...). Some have said the new longer stocks are too flimsy (very thin wood) at the extended front, which doesn't fit in with the more durable intention of this gun. The AW version I got does not have sights. It has a smooth black steel brake/barrel-weight instead, which is in the perfect position for me to use as a cocking handle. The breech area is not milled for a rear sight, rather it is flat, but is still drilled for the regular sight screws (which the plating, I guess, prevents from going in smoothly...I didn't force them, was just checking). You can get the gun with standard sights, obviously this no-sight variant is intended for a scope. Trigger is the Rekord.

I won't say much about how the gun is the same as the standard HW30S. One thing that is different, least in the version without sights, is that the actual barrel, not the overall length, is about 3.5cm shorter, best as I could measure. This is convenient for me as it puts the brake in a nice position to be a cocking handle as mentioned. The question would be is accuracy and velocity affected by the slightly shorter barrel? I can't tell re accuracy yet, seems as good as expected compared to the standard version. Velocities are typically VERY slightly lower. Like 9fps less for RWS Hobby (539 vs 548), same for JSB Exacts and Straton and Gamo Match, a few fps lower for RWS Super-H-P and Crosman boxed Premiers, etc. IOW, essentially the same velocities, not enough diff to worry about. And of course the gun is new; I noticed no smell of burning lube and I never did with the standard HW30S either, nor have I noticed significant velocity change in the time I've had the standard version, so I expect the velocities are very close to what the gun will give consistently for quite a long time.

I also notice this gun has virtually no barrel droop, whereas it is plainly visible on my standard version. From what I've read, this is just a variation among guns, at least minor droop being more common and you shouldn't plan on not having any. I mounted my scope using the adjustable droop-compensating mount even though I didn't need it, I find its relatively high height actually very comfortable now.

Yup, these are a very fine-looking gun, and why I wanted one after I realised I couldn't shoot small targets with open rifle sights anymore, so might as well not pretend by getting them... If you can use open sights, the AW version with sights should be pretty nice too, and of course you could still put a scope on it though you may have to remove the rear sight. Though the bluing and stock finish on the standard version are decent-looking enough, it takes almost nothing to mar them. I have no doubt the AW finish is at least somewhat more durable, especially on the stock which seems to clean up nicely. And nickel plating does have a rep of being quite tough...we'll see.

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