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Author:  jfgad [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:57 am ]
Post subject:  Walther CP99 NIGHTHAWK

Hi Everyone. To who it may interest i have made a test with the Walther indoor at 30 feet.

I'm French Canadian so don't check my writing.

So very happy with the look of the Nighthawk... with the compensator it look very nice.

So at 30 feets all of my shots (8) where in 1 inch circle with pointed crosman pointed pellets. The co2 cartridge was about new... ( took some shot to adjust my red dot )

The red dot just work perfectly. Outside in day light or in the dark with the 11 adjustements it is always well working. The adjustements for left to right or up and down are very well done and easy to adjust cause you can see wich way you have to turn to make the dot move. As well, all of the information or pictures i saw of the red dot on the net were with a 26 mm red dot... the one i had on mine is the 30mm ??? with the level adjustement on the side instead of on the top. The compensator... What is it suppose to be... the noise is the same with or without and the accuracy is the same as well... i guess it is only for the look ? For the flask light it's a nice one with the Walther logo on it... 2 problems... it's way to big ( too long ) and it's not a led one... so i guess the battery should be dead in couples of days ! ( where i shoot it's a big factory. so in the evening i go back to shoot inside and i don't open the lights so for me the flash light is very very nice. By the way i'm the son of the owner so nothing illegal here. )

Now the main course, the gun... i have a umarex cp99 and for the gun, the only difference i see is the logos and the safety feature wich is way safer on the walther. To put it off you really need both hands and to put it on only one hand is ok so it's VERY safe. For the velocity, i don't really have anything to check that info but everything was looking to be the same between those two guns ( penatration of the pellets and accuracy.)

For the CO2 cartridge, loading is very well done and fast. If you have to loader then it's perfect. 3 seconds ( i count it ) and it's done. but i don't see the purpose to do that since you only have 8 shots. getting the 8 shots in the gun is very convenient as well. 2 seconds and it's done.

This gun is Very Very heavy compare to is naked version. Not incomfortable but when you take back the naked one you are like " WOW " !!! i like it very very much. If i had to make a choice between those two it would be VERY difficult.

The goods: The look. The red dot. The flashlight. The case. The accuracy ( personally i think it's VERY GOOD ). The comfort. The way to charge it.

The bad: The compesator that seem to do nothing at all. The weight. And the 8 shots. i would like to have the double !

you want to shoot, buy the umarex cp99. you want the look buy the walther.

my note : 8 out of 10

1- What is the compensator, is there any mod to do to the compensator so it make less noise???
2- Is there any mod to increase the power ???

Author:  airgunfun [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:03 am ]
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Well done. Don't worry about your English's a heck of alot better then my French language skills!!

Author:  sniper [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:21 am ]
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Hi jfgad, welcome to the forum and enjoy.

No worries French is cool, eventhough I don't speak it but sent
all my kids to totally French school in their junior.

The compensator is supposed to stabilize the gun from the recoil but
that only works on the real firearm handgun. I guess on the airgun
is only for the look.

There is no mod to increase the power of cp99 that I know.

Author:  Parker_101_ [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:41 am ]
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Welcome to the forum jfgad...
By the sound of it you pistol is sporting a Tasco BKRD30/22....would be nice to see a picture of that cool air gun...... :D
Enjoy your stay!..... :wink:

Author:  Syn [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:03 am ]
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great review!
but I thought the nighthawk is the CP Sport not the CP99, from all the reviews I have read. Well unless you actually purchased a cp99 and modded it to look like a nighthawk.

Mod to increase power and some accuracy: I am getting Amanda's front slide assembly back from Kevin this week. I asked him to put in a 9" barrel. He said I will be getting approx 7 fps per inch more out of her now. So if we assume 360 FPS default with the 3" barrel, add another 42 FPS = 402 FPS. I have no chrono so I can't be sure.

Anyhow I am much more interested in accuracy than more FPS, since I usually use her within 30ft to the pellet trap.

Author:  chops [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:21 am ]
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Good review, i'm french also. :shock:

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