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$25.pp AliExpress chronograph
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Author:  Normk [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  $25.pp AliExpress chronograph

I have had an old Shooting Chrony for about 30 years which is "cranky" as to lighting. It won't read indoors despite every experiment with lighting and screens which I could manage. It also is hopeless on bright sunny days, especially with no cloud cover.

I bought a $25.pp AliExpress chronograph which records something like (40) shots, and seems not to be bothered by lighting.

It's not 100% reliable for .22 rimfire, perhaps because of the powder gasses? The velocities for rimfire and my air guns are consistent with empirical evidence and with 2 other chronographs.

The biggest disadvantage, for my purposes is that the area through which the projectile must pass is about 35 mm square, without hitting the unit.

Since one of my uses is to measure velocity downrange, this limits the use compared to my old Shooting Chrony.

OTOH, the cost of lunch isn't the end of the world if a mistake were made.

I plan to make up a shield and try some 25 meter shots with my PCP rifles as they aren't really consistent enough for much beyond that. ... 4c4dowWiKN

Author:  Daryl [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: $25.pp AliExpress chronograph

I just bought one of these. I haven't tried it yet. ... hronograph

Author:  Hawk-I [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: $25.pp AliExpress chronograph

I just bought one of these. I haven't tried it yet. ... hronograph

You're going to have to be outside with sun/overcast sky light with this one. Or maybe inside with your 'Puck Light' set-up. (??)
Otherwise...there's a Lighting Kit (del) that connects with a Battery Pack.
I have the latter and it works super good. The Android app. is easy and gives all the data you'd need.
Got mine on the A...zon which was the Premium kit and under 200$.
Very reliable unit.


Author:  Daryl [ Sat Apr 24, 2021 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: $25.pp AliExpress chronograph

Tks for the note. I have uploaded the program onto my phone. The pucks should work for indoors if I desire.
Actually I do want to test my .25 M11 and the Condor with FX Hybrids, along with the .22 HW97 & hybrids.
"Taofladermaus" uses one of these on their - tube 12 bore testing.
If guys are interested in different 12 bore testing of wacky and not so wacky projectiles, their site is a good one.

Author:  eSteve [ Sun May 02, 2021 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: $25.pp AliExpress chronograph

Normk wrote:
I have had an old Shooting Chrony for about 30 years which is "cranky" as to lighting. It won't read indoors despite every experiment with lighting and screens which I could manage.

eSteve wrote:
Then I got the Chronograph. Amazing! Super cool unit, huge enabler of learning. Love it. Absolutely necessary for any mid-level hobbyist or expert, in my mind. However, it took a good deal of time and effort, and a ton of patience, to figure out how to make it work consistently. I can understand why a good number of people are dissatisfied with them and bail. Figuring out how to light it was the trickiest part. I tried to light it with a LED work lamp I had. Hung it this way, that way. I certainly didn’t want to buy the proper accessory lamps; I didn’t want to spend another 60 bucks and I didn’t want a couple power cords hanging off that I had to plug in. And I had read reviews where plenty of people struggled to make them work, too. With more research I read lots of success stories using little LED lamps. The first store I went to had little headlamps, cheap to begin with, they were on sale for like 3 bucks each. And they were bright enough, I can’t remember, 200 lumens or something. I got good batteries on sale, still a bit expensive, quite a bit more than the lamps themselves. But LEDs don’t use a lot of power, the batteries will last. I don’t use the Chrony every time I shoot. I didn’t use the headbands from the lamps, I used a couple small, heavy elastics from broccoli, those blue ones. Put them around the diffusers. Clipped the lights in. Perfect! Super minimal, portable, plenty bright. Then it was finding the sweet spot to shoot through, alignment and how close to the sensors. I still get the odd error, it sometimes doesn’t like the first 2 shots or I’m struggling with alignment on a top target, I might miss 3 or maybe 4 even. But I’ll have multiple sessions of 10 shots and it reads every one. I set the Chrony on a small tripod on a table in front of my bench rest. But I also got a good, adjustable, tall tripod from the thrift store for 12 bucks. I haven’t done it yet but I would be confident taking it outside or to the range.

eSteve wrote:
But the learning you get with improvements and pellets is astounding! Some other models were sold out so I got the Alpha Master, it has the wired display unit. Super cool! Having the display and control right there while shooting, and putting it on my knee after the session while I make notes is amazing! Love it!

Hey Norm

I copied my own quotes, from a Chrony lighting review here, from a thread I started “Phantom .22 - Scope Trouble?”

I paid regular price for this unit, totally worth it. I see that it’s just gone on sale at D&L for $171.


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