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My first impression on the cz200s
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Author:  YepYep [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  My first impression on the cz200s

Alright, here is my story, my story about my second PCP, a new in the box but already discontinued old stock 'entry level ' cz200s laminated .177 caliber PAL rated with easy adjustable power rifle.... aka Air-Arms S200.

Bought it from our forum store in May, and shot the first shot in July.... Long story short, I couldn't fuel up the air tube until I do it right at last, finally.... :(

This time we only talk about my impression on this nice, hmm, very nice looking lightweight small rifle...

As already mentioned above, mine is the special red and black laminated stock version. I was afraid the stock finish would be slippery as I heard on other rifles before. This one just feels so good in hands and comfortable to shoulder.



Looks usually these non-springers all have a smaller shape as the action block just as tiny as your palm and without that large action tube which holding the power plant inside on a springer.

(size compare to the HW30 and Pro Sport that I have)

The weight and the size just so lovely to me. And the 'over sized' grip like the AA TX and PS which fills my hand so full and nicer than the 'slimmer' HW30 and 35 which I have in the house too.

The almost straight grip is much different than the sporter grips on my other rifles but similar to the match rifle, the FWB300SU I have. However trigger position is much different and I have to adjust the trigger almost to the very end and barely touch the trigger guard for a comfortable trigger pull with my short finger... :(

Thanks for the adjustable trigger.... So good to have that and save me some money for the aftermarket ones~ just awhile later, it turned out a nice trigger to my liking.

(trigger close shot)

Like I read many times, the trigger on the cz200 is not the best one (compared to my Pro Sport), but still a great trigger with nice 1st stage and clear stop before 2nd stage, then crispy enough to release the hammer as expected. Easy and simple enough to adjust it to my likings.

Chrony time... Used my new purchased RWS R10 heavy (8.2g, 4.50, again from our forum store for unbeatable good price which actually I checked the store to buy this new in stock pellets, then picked up the cz200s 'by the way'... :eek: ) and air pressure from 150 bar to 100 bar that muzzle speed started to drop magnificently, I got about 25 shots very good shots from the 4th one at 777fps to the 30th one at 768fps (8 shots at 777, 8 shots at 775, 5 shots at 770 and 3 shots at 779).


Then the curve started to drop slowly and steadily but no more platform showed up again.

Why I didn't started at the 200bar pressure limit? Uhh... It just killled me to handpump the 155ml tube from zero to the 150bar! I already stopped and rested then kept pumping a few times, at last I died out and lost the ability to breathe and the shaking hands couldn't pickup and hold the cellphone when I finally got 150bar... Wanted to do a 200 bar or at least 180bar, but not in a single pump session!

Accuracy test... I finished these tests and zeroed the scope at the same time as I am using the barrel attached FX pocket chrony.

('useful' 40 shots on new targets and fine zeroing scope)

(very last shoot string)

Not sure if it's not broken in yet, or I was using the mag not single shot tray, or I just not used to shoot non-springer for the moment yet... I got a few 'fliers' that enlarged the hole... In general, it's a super spot on accurate rifle without doubt. Maybe I shoot in a distance just too short to test out how accurate this rifle is (9 yards basement range), even when the muzzle speed dropped to below 650fps, I could still send the pellets into one single hole. Of course the hole is bigger than those in the sweet spots...


AA mag kit, gives me 10 shots self-indexing multi shot ability over the single shot tray out of the box. An extra mag from the forum store, again!

Discovery VT-1 Pro 3-12x42 AO scope.

Carbon fiber tube home made shroud.

Next step will be trying some more different pellets, hopes it's not picky and I can feed it with my bargain wadcutters and have fun with shooting the cans~

And I also want to fine tune the power to make it better suit my need and have better efficiency. So far, the out of box power level, consistency and accuracy are all outstanding! Just want to make it better and obviously it has the potential and accessibility for you to tinker it with~

Thanks for reading... I know our forum store still have some of these nice cz200 in the warehouse... ;)

Author:  Biagio26 [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Hi great rifle, had mine since 2007, great little rifle. Remember, these rifles are not regulated, therefore you get what they call the power curve, usually from abot 150 bar down to 130 bar, gives you the flatest shooting for your rifle.

Me on the other hand installed a Huma air regulator, which makes my little rifle shoot very well. The only curse of the S200 is it’s trigger, unfortunately gritty and heavy by air rifle standards, but it makes a great little hunter.

Try the Air Arms Diabolo Field .177 Cal, 4.52mm, 8.44 Grains, Domed pellets, they shoot best out of that rifle, hands down.

If you need more info on British airrifles, try

Those guys know everything about British air rifles. I had one guy save me a ton of money, telling me what to do to fix my AA Ev2.

Hope this helps


Author:  YepYep [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Thanks Biagio ~

Yep, I have my UK forum account and also a little bit active there. They helped me gather the info and made up my decision on the Pro Sport ~

I didn't have time to check other pellets yet and flat noses are my first choice recently as they are not friendly at all on the cans (my main plinking target :D ) and less penetration on my short distance range...

I will do more shooting for sure, but need to fix my handpump first as I just broke it when I took it out for a refill after finishing my step 1 test.... :(

Author:  jckstrthmghty [ Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Nice write up. Somethings not right. Are the R10's too small? At 9 yards a jagged hole would be a bad result for most pcp's and the cz200 is known for accuracy. Definitely keep up us updated as you test different pellets.

Sucks about the pump.

Author:  YepYep [ Mon Jul 12, 2021 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

I broke the neck of the in take drying agent tube when I took the pump out from the corner.... I think a JB Weld quick fix can put it back to work again~

As I am using the 10 shots mag, I am not sure about the size is too small or okay for the rifle, but I don't worry about the accuracy of the gun, if the hole opened up, it must be human error ~ [emoji38]

And testing more pellets is something have to do~ I actually hope it can shoot the bargain pellets with acceptable accuracy so that I can 'clean up' those pellets and have fun plinking at the same time~ using a 10 shots mag will spend up the consumption a lot ~ ;) Image

Author:  Dukemeister [ Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Wow YepYep you did a nice job on that new "Red Writer" - I bet you could write your name with it! :drinkers:
The shroud bumps it up a notch.
Yes some epoxy will fix that air dryer back to working order. I use Goop for fixes like that too - its flexible and rubbery and air tight.

Author:  YepYep [ Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

I actually made two sets of the carbon fiber shroud for it... The new ones are in carbon fiber pattern, not the plain look one on the photo. ..

But there's a problem that not much room between the shroud and the air tube... On the rear side (to the action) the tube is touching the shroud.... I am thinking if I should give up the shroud... :( or maybe use the carbon fiber wrap which I ordered and on the way home...

Author:  YepYep [ Tue Jul 13, 2021 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Further pellet testing done today...

Looks the cz200 isn't very picky but still not like the budget pellets much... :(

Shoots well with the Daisy wadcutters but not as good as the R10. Should try the H&N Finale light and heavy too... Save for next time.

And heavier Exact is what it loves, a smaller hole than the R10 (due to domed shape... [emoji38] actually should be equally good as pellet just stacking on each other...) But when go to the field, pretty sure the Exact should be the best choice.

And the RS gave a very slightly bigger hole.

The Exact I shot today is 4.52, I have a half tin 4.50 I didn't try today, save for next time. But thinking it should be same as the 4.52 in my short range...

Tried some other pellets like Grizzly, Gamo wadcutter, RWS super H pointed, Exite... The Exite plinking pellet is the worse, a half inch group here, not sure if out to 20 yards.... :eek:

Author:  YepYep [ Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Love this little pretty ~

In order to lower down the noise a little bit and I don't need too much power in the basement, so today I slightly tuned down the power to just below 10fpe by turning the valve set screw 3/4 turns clockwise without touching the hammer spring (too lazy to remove the stock...)

And I got about 40 prefect consistent shots from less than 160 bar to 120 bar.

Do I need a reg?! Nah ~ I love what she is now and no need anything more~ :)

(first shot was on 1/2 turn, and I thought it's still a bit too much, then I gave it another 1/4 turn... And when it read 726, considering it's from last a few shots that around 728, I thought the platform is gone, it won't go back to 730, and the reading should start to falling down with a large smooth curve, I stopped there and started to refill the tube with the handpump. At the time the gauge read 120bar)Image

Author:  Dukemeister [ Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

God job YepYep! :drinkers:

Author:  YepYep [ Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

[emoji38] my good job is found this one and paid the money.... It's really effortless and I was thinking to use a day to tune it....

She just doing so well by her own...

Author:  tom_ke888 [ Fri Jul 16, 2021 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Nice Flat curve without reg![emoji1360][emoji1360][emoji1360]

Author:  ineedpal [ Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

Just got a .177 recently too. Have to agree with you that it doesn't seem to need a reg, especially with power turned down. Mine shoots one ragged hole at 15m with 10+ shots.

So far I added a single shot loader and a free floating barrel band. Also stabilized the air cylinder with some shims so it doesn't flop around. I don't think it needs anything else, maybe a trigger tune when I have time. Definitely a keeper.

Author:  YepYep [ Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

I am very interested on your single shot loader and the free floating band~ any more details and pictures to share?? :)

Is the band with a cushion inside around the barrel? Looks I saw that a while before but forgit where I found it and why I didn't buy it...

Adjusting the trigger is really tricky and need time... Back and forth, I think I only finished 70% and it's just okay and I still not very satisfied with the result... But just take a break and do it later... :(

Welcome to the cz200 club~ I know many members here have one~ :)

Author:  ineedpal [ Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My first impression on the cz200s

The barrel band gives the barrel 1mm of free space all around. Normally nothing touches it for a true free floating barrel. But if you bump the barrel into something the band will give it some protection. Much prefer this design than some of the other ones that leave the barrel completely exposed. To center the barrel in the hole of the barrel band I had to shim the stock with some scotch tape at the front end of the receiver. The barrel band provides about 1mm of left-right adjustment.
The single shot loader is also designed by myself. As far as I know this is the only SSL with swing-out pellet carrier available for CZ200. Pretty happy with it since my face doesn't even need to leave the cheek rest when loading.

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