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Setting the "Zero" on your scope for HFT
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Author:  Pumpmaster [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  Setting the "Zero" on your scope for HFT

I finally got out yesterday morning to site in my scope and do a little pellet testing on my HFT rig.
I quickly realized that I didn't know exactly which range to zero my scope at. What range do you guys recommend (and why)?
BTW...I ended up setting my scope up at 20 yards for now and did some testing. Off the rest I could get JSB Heavies to do a 5 shot group under a dime with the occasional flyer.

Author:  sniper [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:23 am ]
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Hey Pumpmaster .... it's looking good .... looks like you're having some
serious fun there .... congrats ...

Perhaps our #1 HFT shooter can give some pointer on the scope
setup ..... ok, let's hear it Parker ....

Author:  rvd [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:01 am ]
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25 yards is usually a good range to zero the scope.. If i;m shooting at something further out, depending on the range i just use a bit of holdover.. up to 40-50 theres not much holdover needed with my QB so you can just hold it dead on if your gun has the jam..

Tom, if you're interested I can bring you out to my future inlaw's farm,you can test your QB out on real life targets.. we got close to 100 acres of property out there with a creek at the very back of the property.. NICE area for rifle testing. 8)

Author:  Mac [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:06 pm ]
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Pumpmaster, when I set up my .22 HW100 for HFT, I found the apex or high point of the trajectory and set my zero there. You can find the apex by shooting or enter information into a ballistics program that will show where the high point of the trajectory is located. I then took the hold over in inches and went to the range to see exactly where each distance hit. If you have a mil dot scope, that will help a lot.

First, after setting the zero, I put targets at five yard intervals, starting at 10 yards out to 55 yards and found where it hit on the reticle. I recorded this on a large diagram of a mil dot reticle that I had on a full sheet of paper.

After this was done I moved the targets to every yard from 10 yards to 20 yards, since the difference in holdover can be quite pronounced at close yardage. I followed the same procedure as above for these yardages.

Once that was completed, I arranged the targets starting at 40 yards or so out to 55 yards at two or three yard intervals and repeated the procedure.

Once it was completed, I used MS Excel to create a small chart (about three inches high by and inch and a quarter wide) that contained all the aim points for the tested yardages. I printed it out and clear taped it to a piece of Plexiglas just sightly larger in dimensions. I drilled a hole at the bottom of the chart and put it on a lanyard. I put the hole at the bottom, because when you grab the chart and tip it to read it, it shows right side up.

I estimate the holdover for the yardages in between the five yard intervals in the center of the chart. Don't forget you are estimating distance in HFT, so having and aim point for every yard would not help much anyway.

The up side I find is a lot of shooting. I do all my shooting for scope settings from the seated shooting position as that is what I use in the match. Switching from hand held positions to rested positions usually comes with a shift in POI.

Have fun!


Author:  Pumpmaster [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:25 pm ]
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Sniper - I absolutely had a blast. It was great to finally get out and play with my QBs. I sighted in the scope on my .22 QB Deluxe as well, and found at 20 yards it was very accurate :twisted: I'll pick up the other QB from you on Wednesday so my Dad stops hogging mine :lol:

rvd- thanks for the info and the invite. We'll have to get together for some airgunning soon. I actually did all my shooting at my dad's farm this wknd. He has a little over 60 acres. I'm hoping to be able to set up a fun shoot there sometime this summer.

Mac - thanks so much for the very informative answer. As soon as I can get out again I'll put some of your advice to use!

Any other info/advice would be appreciated guys!

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