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Air Venturi Medusa Roating Air Gun Target -Give It A Whirl!
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Author:  Avianmanor [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Air Venturi Medusa Roating Air Gun Target -Give It A Whirl!

A while back, member HuskyDude posted a little blurb on the new Air Venturi Medusa Auto Rotating Airgun Target, available from Pyramid Air -looked pretty skookum, so I ordered one in myself for $49.99 USD. It was very easy to assemble and of reasonably decent build quality for the money.

Have to say I'm very impressed with this challenging target which features mag-lock knock down paddles which can be reset with another shot. Each time you nail a paddle, it flips down, changing the centre of gravity, this along with some kinetic energy imparted from your pellet, starts the wheel rotating around. If you're feeling up too the challenge, you can take a shot and try your luck while things are on the move or, wait for the wheel to cease it's rotation before firing another round at it. Sometimes the target paddles fail to lock back up, but usually a second bullseye does the trick.

I wasn't satisfied with the 4 short little little legs included with the rotating "Medusa" wheel which serve as a stand -not quite high enough off the ground for my purposes. I extended the legs with 4 36" sections of stainless steel square tube I had lying around in my shop and Viola, the perfect height and a very fine portable stand.

This model is suitable for .177 calibre, but I was able to get away with .22 at 50 yds on a low power setting -probably won't hold up forever with this kind of impact energy, but will have to live with it until a more robust version is available for .22 PCP. Why not give one a whirl!



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Author:  wesb2007 [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Air Venturi Medusa Roating Air Gun Target -Give It A Whi

Nice! Looks like a lot of fun! That last picture looks a little risky though with the window in the back if you miss! [emoji1]

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