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Do All Outdoor Pellet Trap
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Author:  leadslinger [ Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Do All Outdoor Pellet Trap

I wanted spinners for the basement. The 22 rimfire trap and spoons were sending alot back. So I seen this Do All Outdoor Pellet trap. 20 ish and free shipping over 35$ on Amazon. Figure I try it.

Comes flat box. With manual, screws, some assembly required. 2 targets, 2 replacement stickers, a warranty card.


Says rated for 800 FPS @ min 10M, and 1100 at 30M. .177 only. Holds a 7x9" target. It's your typical screw together, sheet metal type trap. It's just over 1mm thick. So I would we safe to say sub 500 FPS ONLY. Any distance less then 10M. ... e=5C6799A2

Now Ive been using a thicker 2mm Remington trap in the basement. Upto 20 FPE. With a inch layer of duct seal.


So tomorrow I'll test it with some pellets from my P17 to see how dented it gets at 25ft.

Author:  leadslinger [ Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Do All Outdoor Pellet Trap

Well I had a chance to play with it. I used Daisy wadcutters and RWS super points. Using my Beeman P17 ( 370 ish FPS ) Distance 25ft. Left no feel able dents on the back side. Like all metal traps. Safety glasses a must.

Could do with a thin layer of duct seal to control ricochets. I had a few pellets bounce out.

And I recorded a video. Even hitting the spinners they bounced out. I'm sure if you use BB's, they would ricochet more. So I wouldn't really recommend this trap for that. But not bad for 20$.

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