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Sighting in my new scope
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Author:  Twiggy [ Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Sighting in my new scope

So, I bought that Bugmaster scope many of you recommended from Wes months back, but I haven't been shooting for quite a while.

I got back to it today, and I sighted it in as best I could at 10 yards (it doesn't go lower, but I think my indoor target is less than 10 yards away).

Anyways, it took a while, but I got it shooting more or less on target, as much as I can tell at least, being that I don't have a stand or anything and have been doing everything free hand.

I adjusted the magnification and everything the best I could, but even at it's best, it's still a bit blurry, so that was affecting my accuracy as well.

here's how things look (the ones near the bull seye are at the end of the process):


I'm not quite finished of course, but this seems to be the best I can do without a stand, so I will have to go to my gun club, and use the stand there, although targets there are much more than 10 yard away, so I'm not sure if that'll help much.

Stands seem to be rather expensive. I'm thinking of building one of my own, that will at least hold the front for me, so I just have to hold the back of the rifle.

P.S: It was hard for me to get a good look through as well, so I think I will indeed need to get a some of those offset mounts that were mentioned before. I had to hold my head a little bit back, and I had the scope on as far back as I could.

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