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Looking for springer tuner to...
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Author:  IanV [ Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Looking for springer tuner to...

... either skeletonize/lighten a 26mm piston (HW77) or replace the steel skirt entirely with a lighter alloy. Need to lighten it to around 170g. Also, transfer port needs to be opened up to 3.9-4.0 mm. I'm in the Edmonton area. I know this is kind of a shot in the dark but hey, who knows right? PM me with what you can do and for price. Thanks and best regards. -Adrian

Author:  pirellip [ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for springer tuner to...

170g is a bit too light - all the reading I've done is that 200g is where you want to be (that's including the top hat). Building a whole new piston is gonna be $$.. what most people do is mill/drill slots into it to lighten it.

Probably your best best is to send get a new 23mm compression tube and piston from Tony Leach in the UK (if you have a 26mm compression tube - if you have a 25mm compression tube, it's easier for Tony to do a 22mm kit - this is what I have). You'll have to mail Tony your compression tube to do the work, or buy one from the UK and have it sent directly to him. He's done a boat load of experimental work on this to develop it, and it really is the cutting edge in Springer technology. Amazingly little recoil.

Also best to put in a TX trigger unit (it's a direct replacement) cuz then you can use a piston that rotates freely. This is what I've also done. If you don't replace the trigger, you have to modify the HW main sear to allow it to catch on a rotating piston latch (it looks like the TX piston rod)

On Facebook, search for the group 'Lost Volume', it's a closed group, but just apply and he'll add you. There's TONNES of info on his 22mm conversion and also about lightening up the OEM piston. You can send Tony a FB pm to ask for pricing.

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