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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 3:07 pm 

Joined: Thu May 05, 2011 2:31 am
Posts: 16
Location: Cambridge
Hello fellow plinkers and tinkers,

A couple years ago I picked up a 2240 and with the help of the good people here I changed it to a 2300 (see thread here topic40793.html ).
Unfortunately shortly after those posts I ended up moving to where I just couldn't really shoot often. Now I am living where shooting some paper and the odd outdoor target shooting is possible.

I've decided I want a 2250/2260 like "rifle" because, well, uhmm, ah, well, I have 2 pellet guns now and if I make a new one I'll have 3. Three is more, more is better! So there, that is settled we move on... Because of the 2250 main tube it will legally be a pistol but it will sure look like a rifle in the end. The plan is for it to be .177cal, 18"barrel, home made rifle stock, scoped with compensating rings for very short distance, maybe a bi-pod, definitely 400-450fps no more (I like a nice safety margin).

I bought the Crosman 2250 conversion kit and .177 18" barrel intending to convert my 2300 but I got thinking...
With all the extra parts I already have all I need is a couple of screws, a grip frame, a steel breach (no icky plastic thanks) and an extended probe. With that I could leave the existing 2300 alone.

The screws, extended bolt, and breach are all easy to find in Canada but I have not found a place to purchase the grip frame with the trigger group I want. I have read that the 1701 and P-rod grip frame/trigger groups will work on the 2240 if you also switch out the hammer. This is the route I'd like to try.

I've seen kits for sale but they are in the US and I have no idea what it would entail to import a pistol grip frame and trigger group. I doubt I would enjoy it (no current photo ID). Do any of you kind people know of a Canadian vendor that would be able to supply these parts? or which might be approachable about the idea? I would like one set for sure, probably two. I know it won't make sense $ wise but 2240 tinkering usually doesn't in the end :)

So any ideas guys? If I have to I'll just get another 2240 and try some trigger mods (I have spare parts) but I'd rather try the new trigger group.


PS. I bolded some bits. Our laws are not always straight forward, ...erm, as far as I understand I am fine with these figures but if anyone can point out anything that could cause Officer Friendly undue paperwork I'd appreciate you pointing it out to me, thanks.

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 1:55 pm 
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Joined: Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:27 am
Posts: 2586
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Scopes and ammo .com carries the 1701-P grip frame and trigger group.

A 22-XX hammer can be used- if the waisted area on it is filled in somehow- or put your creative skills together, and make a non-waisted hammer for yourself.
Another option would be to order in a 1701-P hammer, but as I understand it, Eric's turn around time on this non-stocked item would be 3-5 weeks. Were I to go that route, I'd get the 1701-P end cap and adjusters as well. It tends to get sort of spendy after a while. I think I'm miles ahead of the game with my home-made hammer, but that's just me :mrgreen:

some info here: topic67574.html


Doc Sharptail

"Ain't no half-way"

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 6:37 pm 
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Joined: Mon May 25, 2015 1:23 am
Posts: 66
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
I bet I know where you got your conversion kit. LOL I was a day late ordering. By hours actually. I debated and debated over a week. Oh well, I have the rest of my build. Less the 18 inch barrel too. ;) LOL I'm doing the same sort of build. I have plans for four 2240's myself. All non pal required. I have enough powder burners to do higher FPS work, and do it much better. For hunting rats though, this sort of build is just what the doctor ordered. I like keeping my property and livestock safe, and firing off real rounds in a barn isn't my kind of safety. :lol:

I want my carbine to be as close to the 495 FPS as possible though. Like 480 FPS or so. That will do just fine. I do far too much can plinking and I find I get far less ricochets going on within the 480 FPS area of speed. I get you though. Always stay legal. I would go a little higher in FPS if I were you though. Just a tad higher than you mention. Ricochets aren't fun if you get hit. I love working on my guns. Customizing is where it's at. I gotta buy a few rifle stocks from one of the members on here. The dude's work for the 13XX and 22XX series is mind blowingly gorgeous and affordable. The wife is already talking Christmas present idea for me when I showed his work to her. I married well. :D

Sam Yang .50 cal
Evanix Rainstorm SL .9 mm
Air Arms S510 Extra FAC .22
Benjamin-Armada .25
Marauder .177
Trail NP .22
Classic .22
Legends Jim Shockey .22
Phantom 1000 .22 & .177
Nitro Venom Dusk .22
TR77 .177
Optimus .177
Vanguard .177

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:36 pm 

Joined: Thu May 05, 2011 2:31 am
Posts: 16
Location: Cambridge
Thanks Doc for the info on Scopes and ammo. I will contact Eric about a 1701P grip frame and trigger group or 2, it looks like a few of us a looking for sets.

I like your home made hammer, stainless even! I am apartment living again so I am back to hand tools mostly which poses challenges for a tinkerer. I think I would fill the shoulder on one of my spare hammers for now and order a new 1701P hammer. I need to research further but I believe I would grind the middle of the sides leaving the full circumference at the front and rear of the hammer and the leave the smooth profile at the top and bottom unaltered so as not to mess with the seer or cocking pin. This would be to lighten the hammer a bit to shed some power.

Mick, CanadaShootingSupply still has the conversion kit in stock if you need it but I don't see the 18" .177 bbl in stock anywhere, just the 24". I imagine you are referring to Joe's stocks, if so, I agree his work is beautiful. If my home made job does not work out I am going to be watching for one of his to be available.

I seemed to remember the trigger being a easier to pull on this but it had been a long time since I had fired it. Over the past couple days I took it all apart and cleaned, polished and lubed everything up. Much better! This is how I remember it, a nice easy pull. I used less lube (moly paste) this time in hopes that it will attract less dirt/dust. So the trigger is not near as bad as I made out in the OP but I'd like to try the new group anyway.

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